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TEAM SPIRIT! Sports as a Source for Makeup, Hair and Wardrobe Styling Bookings!

Are you a sports fan? Is your city home to successful sporting teams? Do you realize sports is a source of work for you; the makeup artist, hair stylist and wardrobe stylist? So you don’t necessarily have to be a super fan or know the rules of football, baseball, basketball, hockey, mma or golf but you might consider doing some homework and getting familiar with your local professional sports teams, star athletes, companies that sponsor them and sports retailers. And by the way it’s always valuable to know a little about the subject!

Sports, how are they a source of work for makeup, hair and wardrobe stylists? How do they go together? Think television commercials, advertising campaigns, social media, in-store signage, packaging, interviews and game day TV coverage. This all needs to be filmed or photographed. We are talking about both local and national brands, retailers and TV Networks! For instance, professional athletes are a part of sports teams. Many professional athletes are sponsored by local and national brands. Brands need content to advertise their relationship with the athletes and to promote their products. Games need to be televised and people need to announce those games. You can start to see how many opportunities even one athlete, one team, one brand, one game can offer. Picture this, you’re hired by a network for a Primetime football game to be televised on CBS. You arrive early to the stadium hours before kickoff to get the sports announcers from this National TV Network camera ready. You will either groom or glam them to their liking. Throughout the duration of the game, you’ll pop in for touch-ups when they are off camera! You might be staging in the announcing booth with a bird’s eye view of all the action or right down in the middle of it all on the sideline! Another way to envision working in sports; your city’s professional baseball team is on track to win the playoffs, maybe even the World Series, one or two of the players are sponsored by Under Armour. When Under Armour arrives in town to shoot their products on these players, they hire makeup artists, hair stylists and wardrobe stylists to work on photo and video shoots to produce content for commercials, in-store signage and their website featuring the athletes in their gear! Or you just might find yourself shooting one or two days with a sports retailer creating gifs for their websites during the Super Bowl!

Past work with former Kansas City Chiefs Jamaal Charles for PUMA for web content