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Available Makeup, Hair & Wardrobe Opportunities in Smaller Markets!

Maybe you can relate to this? You have a passion for makeup, hair and/or fashion? You live in a city which does not include LA, NYC or Paris in the name? You've thought how amazing it would be to become a freelance makeup artist and hair stylist or fashion/wardrobe stylist but unsure if those opportunities are available in your area? If these thoughts have crossed your mind, you are not alone!

When I first decided to make Kansas City my base and "settle in" which does not mean I "settled". It was a decision that was the best for me at that time. I knew I could face challenges in developing a credible, consistent and lucrative career but I needed to put family first and make it work! My dad was fighting cancer and I couldn't imagine not being near him during that time. So, I started "digging" in my "own backyard" of Kansas City to uncover the work opportunities within my area.

Kansas City is considered a smaller market just like Omaha, Oklahoma City, Minneapolis, Nashville, Las Vegas and Austin. Even though pros and cons exist in all markets small, mid-sized or large, the benefits of working in smaller markets are obvious.

  1. Your money goes further and lasts longer.

  2. The day rates you earn are comparable to middle markets like Chicago and Atlanta.

  3. No big city traffic to deal with; getting around is much easier and more efficient.

  4. You are a bigger fish in a smaller pond.

  5. And if you are comfortable doing makeup, hair and wardrobe; you can work all the time.

  6. It takes less energy to do your job than working in large markets.

So, let's take a look at some of those big city opportunities waiting for you in small markets!

  • Advertising-Print and Commercial Campaigns

  • News and Sports

  • Local and National Magazines

  • Corporate Communications

  • Conventions

  • Fashion Shows

  • Weddings

  • Personal Clients

Special Note about working in SPORTS:

If your city is home to successful sports teams, there is a good chance you can work on national advertising campaigns with national TV networks and major brands. There have been many times when brands such as Nike, Under Armour, 7UP, Bud Light, Essentia Water and PUMA have hired me to work with the athletes they sponsor for major advertising campaigns, commercials and television appearances.

Since securing work with my first professional athlete (who happened to be endorsed by Bud Light), the calls have just kept coming in. The more athletes I work with, the more sports opportunities I receive! Just know this...YOU can have a long, successful career in a small market!


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