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Commercial Makeup Artistry-7 Things You Didn't Know!

Are you an aspiring makeup artist, bridal makeup artist, celebrity makeup artist or are you working in a salon or hey maybe you are an overall makeup enthusiast? Well, you are going to be wowed when you learn these 7 perks of commercial makeup artistry! Let's get started...

1. You will go places you've never dreamed

Just imagine your daily "office" will change with each new project and day! One day you might be working on a photo or video shoot in a studio, and the next day you could be getting people camera ready in an airplane hangar, corporate high rise, NFL football stadium, on a golf course or "across the pond" in another country! The possibilities and opportunities are endless.

Commercial makeup taking you places you never dreamed
*Just a small sampling of the places my commercial makeup artistry career has taken me from Kensington Palace in London to major league soccer stadiums, the NFL Honors Awards, NFL stadiums, on the tarmac for private jets and beautiful cathedrals in Barcelona!

2. You will experience things you never thought possible

Traveling to different locations for photo shoots, video shoots, live events, or film shoots is definitely a possibility working as a commercial makeup artist. You will also find yourself in unique situations to experience so many new things which most people will never be aware of or get the chance to. For instance, being backstage at events where only "crew" is allowed, on the sideline of professional sporting events and seeing YOUR work on national television, billboards, magazines and so much more.

3. You will work face-to-face with people you never imagined

Working in the commercial makeup industry can provide you with opportunities to meet and work with a variety of people, from models to photographers to other makeup artists, actors, celebrities, athletes, TV hosts, politicians and inspiring "real" people. Building connections can lead to new opportunities and collaborations. And how fun it is to meet people like. . . Santa Claus! It's all in a day's work:-)

Commercial makeup is working face-to-face with people you never imagined.
*Another small sampling of faces and people I never imagined working with from actor Wendell Pierce to professional race car driver Tony Schumacher, Super Bowl Champions Travis Kelce and Chris Jones of the Kansas City Chiefs to inauguration day with Kansas Governor Laura Kelly and Santa Claus are just a few to name!

4. You will decide how often you would like to work

Working as a commercial makeup artist, you will be self-employed also known as a freelancer. As a freelance makeup artist, you have control over your makeup business. Depending on your business goals, financial goals and work/life balance you wish to achieve, you choose which jobs to take. You choose when you take days off and when you go on vacation. And most commercial work takes place Monday through Friday so take the weekends off or keep booking those bridal parties and personal makeup sessions!

5. You will know people look and feel good because of you

Definitely a perk of being a commercial makeup artist! Knowing your skills will make people look and feel good. How rewarding is this?! Working closely with talent on set, your positive, calm presence and demeanor also help people feel confident and relaxed before they get in front of the camera! This helps them perform better:-)

6. You will recognize your skills help brands convey their concepts

Not only is it exciting bringing brand concepts to life but the commercial makeup industry truly provides you with a creative outlet. It's the perfect pocket of the industry to continually learn new skills, elevate your artistry, work on very cool projects, collaborate with production and advertising agency teams to successfully create characters, looks and develop ideas while broadening your horizons!

Commercial makeup recognizing your makeup skills help brands convey their concepts.
*A glimpse into how commercial makeup skills can bring brand concepts to life! Here is some of my work on music videos, social media campaigns for Wendy's, Chevron Extra Mile convenience stores, commercials and packaging for Dr. Pepper, branding campaigns for BOSE and creating characters and wounds for films.

7. With a solid plan, hard work and belief in yourself you CAN make into the six figures doing something you absolutely love!

Let me say this, I'm 20+ years into my commercial makeup artistry career and still feel the same if not more passionate and excitement for it as the day I started. True blessings and happiness in life come when your passions line up with your purpose and you get paid to do it! My makeup career checks off all of these boxes. You can definitely create a secure financial future for yourself doing something you absolutely love while making into the six figures as a commercial makeup artist. And I've designed a step-by-step plan on just how to do it. To join the waitlist for my highly customized and detailed online course "YOU'RE BOOKED! The Blueprint to Booking Commercial Makeup Work", click here.


Join the waitlist for You're Booked! The Blueprint to Booking Commercial Work as a Makeup Artist

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