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HUSTLE and How it Fits into the Bigger Scheme of Things!

Cristy here with motivation, inspiration, and I really want to share one word and one acronym with you today that has had a huge impact on my business, my career, and in my personal life. So the word is hustle and the acronym is how you succeed through life every day. I'll say it again. How you succeed through life every day. Small word, huge impact. So hang with me here, take "hustle" and let's set it to the side. I'm going to show you how hustle and that acronym fit into the bigger scheme of things, of your life. So we all have goals. We're all working towards goals. Artists and stylists have expressed interest from going from bridal work to commercial makeup hairstylist, working in the salon to working on set and wardrobe, stylists, working with personal clients who would love to be working in TV and film.

We're going to call those the big goals for today. Now picture this, picture a mountain. You have the peak at the top, and then you come down the mountain and you're at ground level. And that's where you're at. You're at the ground level when starting out on a new goal. What do you need to do to get to the goal? Well, you're going to do reverse planning from the peak down to ground level. And I will really get into this a little bit later. I just wanted to plant the seed today to give you an idea of how hustle is going to make all that work. So with reverse planning, you'll back peddle from the top of the mountain down to ground level. Working backwards helps you create each step towards your goal which you will need to accomplish it. This is ultimately creating your step-by-step blueprint to getting up that mountain a.k.a reaching your goal. This exercise let's you know if you need to learn a new skill, take a course, invest in your kit, create new imagery for your portfolio, etc.

Maybe you need to update your website? Do you need to "beef up" your marketing plan or create a marketing plan? Is your social media aligned with your website imagery, messaging saying what you want to convey to clients. In other words is your branding consistent and speaking to your clients. Imagine the hustle, how you succeed through life every day as a combination of the daily priorities you set towards your goal. For instance, how much discipline are you going to have to reach your goal? What commitments are you going to make for yourself to get to the goal? What daily actions and daily routines do you have in place, what are YOU going to do to get to the goal.

So back to the mountain. You're taking that first step up from ground lever. Each day is another step towards your goal. So day one, you do a task (hustle), day two another step up again repeating tasks/your hustles. Each day as you step up, you're building on top of the day before. This type of focus is definitely going to push you higher. And if you literally picture yourself climbing up this mountain, each step is a step closer to the goal. With your daily hustle, how you succeed through life every day, that's the processes, the disciplines, the commitments, there's no reason why you can't reach your goal. Each day passes, no matter if we work towards what we want in our lives, or if we don't. So let the day pass, but let the day pass knowing that you've taken one or two or three or four steps toward your goal. And that's how hustle fits into the bigger picture. That's all for now!



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