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Crafting Excellent Client Service

As a freelance commercial makeup artist, hair stylist and wardrobe stylist, shopping for clothing, accessories, and other items for photo and video shoots is a weekly part of what I do within my business. One week, I may be sourcing football uniforms for a major fast food chain commercial, another week tracking down a major league soccer player’s official uniform to pack for a shoot overseas, shopping for just the right length of lab coat so we identify the talent properly in a medical video, outfitting actors and employees for a grocery store commercial or ordering supplies for my kit or a client. Every day, every project, every shopping trip, retail and client interaction is different and extremely important.

This leads me to speak to the continued importance of excellent client and customer service whether you are on the giving or receiving end. It is necessary across the board whether it’s in the retail sector, corporate setting or in the freelance business world. With the pressures we face today, shortages of workers, more and more work to keep up with, uncertainties and the fatigue of the pandemic, we know it’s all weighing on us. Which is why I truly feel it's more important than ever to focus on providing excellent client and customer service. Not only for the health of our businesses but for the health of us all!

On a recent shopping trip pulling clothing for a commercial shoot, I became even more aware of this; experiencing many different levels of service from one retailer to the next. When the same standard of service is consistent from the same retailer at two or more locations, I realized, it had to be trickling down from the management. When the service is good this is great! When the service is not so good, well you know the rest!

Being a freelancer, we are the “management” of our businesses so let’s remind ourselves to keep client service top of mind. Excellent even good service makes a difference and here's why...

  • It’s inexpensive to fully acknowledge, listen and be present in conversations and interactions.

  • It creates connection with clients & customers.

  • It makes people feel noticed and valued.

  • You can literally make someone’s day and it just might be yours.

  • It’s rewarding.

  • It’s a way to truly stand out among your competition.