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3 Perks of being a Commercial Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist & Wardrobe Stylist

As an artist or stylist working in the business of commercials, advertising, TV and film, there are lots and lots of amazing perks! From being up close and personal with athletes and celebrities to traveling to unique locations and meeting "real" people with truly inspiring stories. Besides doing what you love, each job you do leaves you with a little nugget of wisdom, a new memorable experience, a new acquaintance or a feeling of reward. So it's very hard to say which perks are the best but here are 3 on the top of my list.

1. You, the artist or stylist, are given the opportunity to cross paths and rub elbows with many, many interesting people of all walks of life. Your "talent" will range from everyday people with a story, a challenge or inspiration to share to CEO's of multi-million dollar companies, politicians which you may or may not agree with (I will go into more detail about this when I talk about On-Set Etiquette, a must have for your artist success kit!), celebrities and more!

2. By using YOUR talents and skills, you make those same "talent", the actors, models, musicians, athletes and "real" people feel good and look their best on-camera. You are more than just an artist or stylist, you are a confidence builder, a listener and a true service provider. I will never forget this motto former NFL & MLB player, now sports analyst and football coach Deion "Prime Time" Sanders once told me while working with him on set at Arrowhead Stadium for the NFL Network. This motto is so true and I truly think about it often:

"If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you play good. If you play good, you get paid good." -Deion Sanders

This can easily be translated into our industry! If you look good, you feel good.

If you feel good, you perform good. If you perform good, you get paid good!

3. Number three is one of the most enticing perks for me personally. Every single day in this business is different in some way. Maybe one day you are in studio working on a corporate shoot with a CEO then the next day or job you are moving from location to location working with multiple talent on a commercial shoot for a national brand then perhaps on a weekend, you could be working with a fellow makeup and hair artist tag teaming a wedding. The possibilities are endless! You will be working with different types of people, personalities, crews, directors and producers. It's truly never a dull moment!


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