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Covid-19 Compliances

–As of April 5th, 2021 I am fully vaccinated.–
–As of December 11th, 2021 I am also boosted.–




Yes! I'm really smiling beneath all that PPE! This is my new look on all shoots. A mask, face shield and gloves worn to help in the protection of talent and myself when applying makeup, doing hair and working with talent on wardrobe.


Masks are encouraged for talent to wear when not on camera or whenever possible.



Before Covid-19, I utilized disposables and have increased usage since the pandemic.


Disposable lip wands, mascara wands, spatulas, sponges, individually wrapped straws and wipes all supplied in my kit. On shoots with many multiple talent, I have the option to provide disposable makeup brushes to ensure each talent has their own complete set for the duration of the project for another layer of added protection.

Image 8-31-20 at 6.06 PM.jpg


Makeup brushes, tools, kit and makeup, hair and wardrobe staging areas have always had a high standard of cleanliness. Makeup and hair brushes are never used on more than one talent. Palettes and products are cleaned in between each client/talent with 91% alcohol and then a thorough daily cleaning with an enhanced bacteria killing brush cleaner. Washing of hands and hand sanitizer application is done many times throughout the shoot. Makeup, hair and wardrobe staging tables and makeup chair are all wiped with bacteria killing wipes.

Screen Shot 2020-07-31 at 10.18.31



During the shelter-in-place and the shutdown, I brushed the dust off my sewing machine and began making masks for family, friends and neighbors. This quickly grew into a full blown operation which truly was a silver lining in all of this. A chance to re-hone a skill, be creative and help others.


Check out all of my mask designs and solid colors at:

Image 10-23-20 at 8.14 PM.jpg
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