Wardrobe Styling & Seamstress work for Patrick Mahomes & Troy Polamalu

Credit: Wardrobe stylist for Patrick Mahomes and Troy Polamalu


I'm Cristy Guy

Makeup, Hair and Wardrobe Stylist. Educator. Lipstick Lover. Go-Getter.

Super Bowl LIV Confetti Launcher.

A triple talent of being a makeup, hair and wardrobe stylist.  Known for bringing outstanding creativity, an unmatched work ethic and attention to detail to the on set experience.


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Laura G., Associate Director

Learning Innovations Merck Health

When working with Cristy, there is nothing to worry about. Her calm, reassuring demeanor combined with her attention to detail and expertise put me at ease immediately. I was more than pleased with the results and because of her, I was polished, radiant and ready. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to look flawless for their special events.

Shaun C., Director of Photography- Scene 2 Camera Crew

Cristy is an extremely well-rounded and creative individual. She'sthe perfect complement to my business because she brings so much to the table. I've had the privilege of working with her and hiring her for several years and I'm still learning from her and am impressed with her. I absolutely recommend her.

Molly P., President-Proffer Productions

Cristy knows her craft and listens to what her clients need. She is fun and easy to work with. You will not be disappointed.

Paula P., Author, Speaker, Writer

I hired Cristy to style me for award publicity for my business. Cristy did such a fabulous job, that I still receive compliments on the clothes, style, and make-up that she selected for me. I would strongly recommend her for any business owner or public figure that requires styling--you will feel more confident, and it's completely worth it.

Dave B., Owner-Storytelling Productions

Recommending Cristy Guy is like going to Disney World. I can say this because I worked at Disney World and know of their expertise in guest satisfaction and value. Cristy is no different in her expertise and attention to detail. When she is on the job, I have less to worry about because I know she will provide the highest quality service to the project.

Tracie D., Key Makeup, Hair & Wardrobe Stylist

Learning with Cristy allowed me to climb the ranks in the industry and become more profitable as a stylist. Her invaluable coaching opened the door to opportunities assisting on high profile NFL jobs, an international tour and then go on to land jobs as a key stylist for commercial productions.

Carla A., Illustrator & Graphic Design Professional

Cristy Guy is a successful makeup artist, wardrobe stylist and businesswoman. A true bootstrapper, she rebounded from a corporate layoff in the early 2000s to become a world-class entrepreneur.  Whatever talent she has as a artist is equaled or surpassed by her marketing skills. Starting from nothing, she today has had many repeat clients in the sporting world (NFL, MLB, golf, soccer) as well as too many fashion and corporate clients to list. I believe it is her patient and consistent approach to marketing that led to her success.


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